Structured Causality Events Pairs from the New York Times
Structured cause and effect events extracted from the New York Times, as presented in the paper by [K. Radinsky, S. Davidovich, S. Markovitch(WWW'12)].

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Dynamics Model Learner Features
Features used for the learning objects in Dynamics Model Learner (DML) algorithm to predict user behvaior on the Web, as presented in the paper [K. Radinsky, K. Svore, S. Dumais, J. Teevan, A. Bocharov, E. Horvitz (WWW'12)].

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MTurk Dataset for computing word semantic relatedness
Human labeled examples of word semantic relatedness. The data pairs were generated using an algorithm as described in the paper by [K. Radinsky, E. Agichtein, E. Gabrilovich, S. Markovitch.]. Each pair of words was evaluated by 10 people on a scale of 1-5.

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